The Challenge:

A recent client’s organizational restructuring resulted in a key brand losing significant share of voice to the physician community. With a permanent head count freeze in effect, how to maintain market share and sales level of a high revenue generating brand that is close to loss of exclusivity is the challenge.

The PEAK Solution:

PEAK was chosen as this client’s CSO partner to provide a contracted team of sales representatives to fill the recently vacated territories. In addition, as movement of internal personnel continued, each open position was back filled by a PEAK representative. 

The PEAK Outcome:

PEAK worked quickly to build a team to minimize territory coverage for vacant territories. The renewed effort on the brand resulted in an instant lift in the brand’s performance. PEAK continued to add to the team as the client’s organizational structure continued to evolve. The brand continued to see significant growth. This PEAK strategy remained in place for 3 years.

The PEAK Takeaway:

PEAK can provide your organization with teams that can supplement, replace, or initiate your brand’s share of voice. Implementing PEAK solutions and strategies result in successful outcomes and a partner you can count on. PEAK can bring consistency for your brand, to your customers, during a time of uncertainly. 

Re-Acquire Share of Voice Following Organizational Restructuring

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