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When you’ve worked in pharma as long as we have, you know what matters – integrity, transparency and accountability. We value authenticity. We are straightforward. We aim to build trusted, reliable and accountable partnerships with our clients and with our employees. We recruit the right people to ensure both rapid and lasting achievement of your objectives. We set our path toward the PEAK, remain nimble and course correct to ensure we deliver top results for you!


I’ve been working with Jennifer Meldrum and Rich Adamson of PEAK Pharma with various clients since 2007. As an employee, it has been the best experience of my career. You will have their personal cell phones, and will quickly feel that you work with Peak Pharma, instead of for them. Both keep current, active, and adaptable to this ever-changing industry and are recognized professionally in the highest regard among clients and employees. Jenn and Rich have created a dynamic environment: free of politics, and full of support, open communication, respect and trust. It is the combination of all these traits that set them apart, and have contributed to their success. I look forward to many more years working with Jenn and Rich at Peak Pharma Solutions!

– V.D., Pharmaceutical Sales Representative, Ontario


We’ve climbed to the peak before and know the best path to take. We recruit the right people to join the team, ensure they are best suited for the mandate at hand and have the best chance to deliver success.

We work with our clients to deliver initial training that is effective and addresses the various channels our teams are required to use today, including virtual detailing, approved email distribution tactics and of course face-to-face sales.

We create a pharmaceutical sales rep team that is poised to deliver results quickly, one that has access to our on-going training support at any time. With our clients, we build strategic incentive plans that are designed to motivate and encourage the most successful behaviour that will ultimately meet and exceed our clients’ expectations. Incentive tactics may include, but are not limited to, performance-based bonuses, retention bonuses, contests, etc. – all designed to motivate every pharmaceutical sales representative on the team.


In my short time as the new National Sales Director, I have been truly impressed with the partnership with Jenn and Richard at PEAK. They are fantastic to work with and have been true partners in assisting me and my sales managers with the rapid recruitment of effective, experienced salespeople as well as promptly responding to our needs with solutions that are easily implementable in the changing environment. Thank you Jenn and Richard for making our lives easier! You both are a pleasure to work with!

– S.S, NSM, Takeda Canada


Like any attempt to reach the summit, you need the support of base camp. Once PEAK has your team in place, we provide them with all the support they need to execute the program deliverables with success.

Areas of support include:

  • Human Resources and Payroll Services
  • Benefits Administration
  • Expense Management and Reporting
  • Training (sales, IT, multi-channel, etc.)
  • Sales Management and Coaching
  • Incentive Plans and Motivational Strategies
  • CRM and IT that are comprehensive yet simple
  • Data Reporting and Analytics


We stand ready, willing and able to provide you with full support as we journey together to the top. We keep your needs in mind and address all gaps to allow for a seamless partnership with the PEAK team:

  • PEAK allows for risk mitigation, taking the employment responsibilities of the team from our client, providing you with the flexibility to adjust on the fly
  • We implement our programs with customized strategies and tactics that allow all elements to operate in a streamlined fashion
  • Our fully supported CRM can integrate with your systems and provides the optimal solution to suit your data capture and reporting needs
  • With our clients’ input, PEAK develops a regular communication strategy that ensures our clients are always aware of how the program is progressing and performing. Together we course correct quickly to ensure we are remaining on the path to success
  • We utilize the communication channels that work best for you, including business review meetings, regularly scheduled telecons, phone calls, emails and text


At PEAK, you can be rest assured that our team is well-prepared and organized to implement, execute and support our clients’ programs. We ensure that every detail is addressed to provide the best chance for exceptional results.

  • Excellent customer service is top-of-mind in every PEAK partnership
  • We ensure our internal staff AND external customers have a rewarding experience with PEAK
  • We strive to be a flat organization that operates in a streamlined fashion. Employees and clients know exactly where to go for assistance and support
  • Time is valuable – waiting for answers often results in halting progress, which can negatively affect the outcome of a day, a meeting or a program – so PEAK’s response time is often within minutes
  • We strive for honesty and transparency – we’ll be honest about how we can help, how long it may take and how we establish appropriate expectations, and then be accountable to those expectations


Once you have signed on as a client, other companies are likely to hand off your account to a junior account manager. This is not the case at PEAK. Our account management team are also the owners. From the beginning of the partnership discussions, through to the program build stage, along with execution and evaluation, our owners Jennifer and Richard are right beside you every step of the way.

  • Highest level of commitment to our clients, the programs and our teams. All three are supported effectively to produce optimal results
  • Highly invested in the success of your program. Your success is our success
  • Every detail is overseen by senior management to ensure every program element is handled with care
  • Ownership is based in Canada and we are available for impromptu meetings any time
  • We are here for you! We will address your emails, phone calls, texts with urgency


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