26, August 2022

Insights & Trends About Field Teams & Health Care Professional Interactions: The Continuous Rise of Omnichannel Engagement

Written by PeakPharma

Given the rapidly evolving state of customer engagement it’s critical to embrace and understand the what, where and how of field teams and healthcare professional (HCP) interactions.

Here are some key insights according to recent studies extracted from the Veeva Pulse Field Trends Report 2Q22 that will help guide the pharmaceutical industry with its goals and objectives.

According to the study, some of the most useful trends included the inevitable return to in-person meetings.The pandemic certainly forced a shift away from in-person meetings between pharma sales reps and health care professionals almost overnight, but in-person meetings have returned and are again the most important component of omnichannel engagement. Although trends worldwide differ, studies have shown a general massive return to in-person engagement alongside digital meetings.

Some specific highlights include:

  • Today, nearly 30% of interactions with health care professionals are digital while the majority of field sales teams’ engagement with healthcare providers remains in person (73% in person, 18% through email, 5% over the phone, 3% on video, 1% text/chat) 
  • A blend of in-person and video meetings are 3x more promotionally effective than in person meetings alone and 75% of HCPs want to keep or increase digital interactions (digital = video, email, chat and text)

Pharma sales reps that wrap their arms around omnichannel engagement are top of mind and easy to reach when health care professionals need information, samples or a meeting. The best reps are ‘ever-present’. Organizations that adopt this strategy will positively impact their access, engagement and brand perception.

Content is still the most important driver of promotional success. Content usage is consistently higher in video meetings versus in-person meetings.  CRM Engage has proven to be the most popular and the superior content utilization platform for omnichannel engagement. Content usage with CRM Engage delivers an average meeting duration of 21 minutes (4-5x longer than typical in-person meetings) which gives reps more time to introduce new content.

Clearly field teams have to be well trained to make the most of their content during video calls and in-person meetings but there are many other support elements required to drive success – a comprehensive content library, a proven platform for delivering content and a content supply chain.

When interacting with health care professionals via person-to-person video calls, it’s important to use all of the resources at your disposal. In general, video calls have been found to be extremely engaging because they offer content sharing and visual aids, so be sure to align your strategy accordingly.

Overall, field teams armed with data-driven insights and with a proficiency in omnichannel engagement are set-up for greater promotional success with health care professionals.

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