30, July 2021

Vacancy Management & Recruiting Partner

Written by PeakPharma

The Challenge:

Our client was in search of assistance to cover a geography that had business potential, but had not yet been approved for a permanent head count. 

The PEAK Solution:

PEAK was selected to assist in recruiting and placing a single representative in this territory to evaluate the ROI of in field representation. PEAK Pharma successfully recruited, hired, and on-boarded an experienced representative that successfully showcased the business potential of the territory for our client’s brands. 

The PEAK Outcome:

Following the contract term, our client decided to permanently hire the PEAK representative as one of their own. This was due to the client’s ability to evaluate performance of the territory and the representative, due to the initial phase with PEAK! 

This successful arrangement has turned into an on-going vacancy management and recruitment strategy for our client. PEAK has partnered with this organization providing resources when and where they require them, ensuring continuous coverage of vacant territories, as well as development of new areas. A true “try before you buy” strategy that mitigates our client’s risk. 

The PEAK Takeaway:

Whether you have a vacancy due to parental leave, illness, disability, or you have a new territory to test or pilot, PEAK can rapidly launch into action and source the candidate you need to keep territory efforts in check, as well as evaluate field effort in newly developed areas. Let PEAK take on the recruiting, and hiring including all HR support functions to allow you to focus on business strategy. A smooth, streamlined vacancy management and recruiting strategy that works! 

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