30, July 2021

PEAK Support For Changing Market Dynamics

Written by PeakPharma

The Challenge:

Changing market dynamics provided windows of business opportunities in different provinces at varying times. How to capitalize on these opportunities in a rapid fashion?

The PEAK Solution:

PEAK was chosen to execute rapid recruitment and deployment of specifically skilled pharmacy teams that varied in size and launch dates based on provincial market dynamics 

The PEAK Outcome:

PEAK executed a streamlined recruiting strategy that ensured teams were in place in the right territories with enough time to capitalize on the market opportunities that were changing rapidly. PEAK continued to evolve and adapt the service offering based on the client’s changing requirements which included expanding the target groups and broadening the product portfolio to include a newly launched medication. The nimbleness and flexibility, along with PEAK’s excellence in execution resulted in our client’s brand success. Both brands being promoted by the PEAK team experienced growth, significant enough to extend the contract term and expand the size of the PEAK team.

The PEAK Takeaway:

You may not know exactly what solution is best or even possible when unique market dynamics present themselves. Partnering with PEAK allows our clients to explore, pilot and execute strategies that address there specific needs. As business opportunities change, PEAK adjusts and adapts with solutions that maximize such business opportunities. 

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