13, September 2021

Customer Engagement Practices Post-COVID for Virtual Sales Reps & Physicians

Written by Peak Pharma

The COVID-19 pandemic certainly changed how we live and interact with each other, especially when it comes to the pharmaceutical industry. Although innovative technology was in place before the pandemic, now, pharmaceutical sales representatives are leveraging all the technology available to them when it comes to engaging with new customers. At Peak Pharma Solutions, we’ve learned to adapt and take advantage of the available technology in today’s ‘new normal.’

Here, we wanted to touch upon some of the ways the pandemic has forced sales reps and physicians to adapt their customer engagement processes.

Pharmaceutical Companies Were Forced to Adapt

In terms of pharmaceutical companies, the pandemic forced many to adapt their thinking in terms of how customers are reached, as well as readjust their supply chains, manufacturing processes, and clinical trials. Many that had relied on face-to-face sales and interactions with physicians before the pandemic had to make drastic changes to stay afloat. These changes consisted of implementing virtual sales practices to continue interacting with customers.

To give you a better idea of just how much pharmaceutical and medical sales representatives have begun relying on virtual interactions, here’s some information from a Global Data poll: In the study, conducted recently, 75% out of 456 respondents said that virtual sales technology would be here to stay, even post-pandemic.

Some of the Technology Being Leveraged by Pharma Sales Reps

In another GlobalData poll, 30% of more than 300 respondents stated that video calls were the best way to interact with current and potential customers. However, some of the other technology that is being leveraged by medical and pharmaceutical sales representatives include email, phone calls, messaging via Whatsapp and other platforms, online events and webinars, online engagement platforms such as Veeva, and communication via company websites and social media pages.

One of the main reasons why video calls are at the forefront of virtual sales technology is because they still provide that face-to-face interaction many found so reliable pre-pandemic. Although a video call can’t fully capture a sales rep’s or customer’s body language, they do capture facial expressions and other non-verbal cues that help establish rapport between clients and pharmaceutical sales representatives. 

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